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What is Retirement Tax Services (RTS)?


RTS works with all types of advisors, from independent RIAs to wirehouse advisors and broker dealers. If you want to help clients stop overpaying the IRS, we need to talk


There is endless theory and content libraries around taxes and tax strategies, RTS partners with advisors to ensure you are getting the best content AND real life examples from actively practicing advisors on how to implement our strategies


RTS works closely with financial advisors to deliver massive value to their clients


We work closely with compliance departments around the country to help financial advisors deliver tax strategies without crossing the line into licensed tax advice

Recent Articles

Ask an Advisor: How Can Tax Rates Be Higher in Retirement Than Your Earning Years?

Required minimum distributions (RMDs) are certainly a reason that a person’s tax rate might go up in retirement, but they’re not the only reason. There are a number of possible scenarios in which a person faces higher taxes in retirement when compared to their earning years. (And if you need help with planning for taxes in retirement, consider matching with a financial advisor.)

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Ask an Advisor: I’m in the Highest Tax Bracket and ‘Plan to Be There Moving Forward.’ Should I Do a Roth Conversion?

If you ask some financial professionals, the answer to this question might be a resounding no, and the discussion would be over. But there are arguments for doing Roth conversions, even if you are in the highest tax bracket.

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7 Tax Pitfalls Financial Advisors Should Avoid This Season

Some financial advisors may be tempted to wash their hands of taxes and leave them to the accountants. But that approach doesn’t ensure the best outcome for their clients. Great financial advisors know that, while the calendar has turned over on 2022, there is still work to be done before it is left behind. And that work is around taxes.

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