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What is Retirement Tax Services (RTS)?


RTS works with all types of advisors, from independent RIAs to wirehouse advisors and broker dealers. If you want to help clients stop overpaying the IRS, we need to talk


There is endless theory and content libraries around taxes and tax strategies, RTS partners with advisors to ensure you are getting the best content AND real life examples from actively practicing advisors on how to implement our strategies


RTS works closely with financial advisors to deliver massive value to their clients


We work closely with compliance departments around the country to help financial advisors deliver tax strategies without crossing the line into licensed tax advice

Recent Articles

Advisor Tax Mistake #1-Getting Bad Tax Advice

When I last Googled “IRS RMD Table,” the first result that popped up was a link to an active IRS web page with the outdated RMD information. Millions of people who clicked on the first link provided by Google were given, by the IRS, incorrect information. Countless other examples of incorrect tax information, ranging from capital gains rates to Medicare premiums to gifting limits and especially the math on Roth conversions can be found prominently displayed across the internet, including on some of the most reputable websites.

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Advisor Tax Mistake #2-Not Getting Referrals from COIs

“I send tons of clients to my local CPA, but she never sends me a single client back!” As an advocate of advisors working closely with tax preparers, and as a tax preparer myself, I hear the complaint of unreciprocated referrals all the time from financial advisors.

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Advisor Tax Mistake #3 – Skipping the Three Most Important (But Least Sexy) Tax Strategies

When it comes to financial advisors and tax strategies, they often sound like old fishermen telling the story of “the one that got away,” except the stories are about ultra-obscure tax strategies that they have never used. This tendency to tell stories about the tax strategies that got away is so prolific that anytime an advisor approaches me about a tax scenario, I immediately ask for the name of the client to ensure we are talking about real life versus tax fantasyland.

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