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What is Retirement Tax Services (RTS)?


RTS works with all types of advisors, from independent RIAs to wirehouse advisors and broker dealers. If you want to help clients stop overpaying the IRS, we need to talk


There is endless theory and content libraries around taxes and tax strategies, RTS partners with advisors to ensure you are getting the best content AND real life examples from actively practicing advisors on how to implement our strategies


RTS works closely with financial advisors to deliver massive value to their clients


We work closely with compliance departments around the country to help financial advisors deliver tax strategies without crossing the line into licensed tax advice

Recent Articles

State Tax Tips for Financial Advisors

When Congress changes federal tax law, it always dominates the headlines, but the IRS' portion of a taxpayer’s income is only part of the story. Every state has their own unique set of tax rules, and it is not enough for financial advisors to be versed in the rules of their home state. Eight states have no individual income tax. For the other states, there are 42 different sets of rules on what type of income is taxed, how it is taxed, at what rate it is taxed and whether where you work or where you live is more important. Then one could wade into local taxes, with nearly 5,000 jurisdictions in 17 states imposing a local income tax, which can treat nonresidents differently than residents.

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Advisor Tax Mistake #4 – Doing Tax Planning One Year at a Time

This article is the 4th in a series of the 7 most common mistakes financial advisors make on tax planning with clients

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Advisor Tax Mistake #5 – Your Tax Planning is Making Your Client’s Life Harder

This article is the 3rd in a series of the 7 most common mistakes financial advisors make on tax planning with clients

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