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Tax Planning Summit Takeaways (and sneak peak for 2024) with Matthew Jarvis

"There is so much power in learning from other people who are actively 'doing'"


‘’I bought a tax practice!’’ What that actually looks like for an Advisor with Michael Cummings

Buying a tax practice is not an overnight success.


The evaluation of tax planning with special guest Michael Kitces

Can you really be 'comprehensive' if you're still looking for new value to add?


Taxes and Legos with Kyle Gabhart

You have to know whether you are building a SpaceX Rocket or the Hogwarts Castle.


Tax Analogies and 2026 with Derek Mazzarella

"Action is more important than getting things 'just right'’


Divorce and taxes (too bad you can’t break up with the IRS)with Amy Irvine

Make life decisions first, and then sort out the tax implications. Taxes shouldn't be the reason to stay married but that doesn't mean they have to be a surprise in April.


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