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But am I even allowed to do tax planning? With Leila Shaver

This episode takes away the most common excuses we hear for not doing more around tax planning. It's time to do more.

Getting Personal and Fixing Money with Derek Notman

Tax value can come from helping clients pay less in taxes, but there is another side to the conversation.

“Can we just make getting tax returns a requirement?” With Jeremy Straub

Getting tax returns is a key piece of the puzzle at any size firm, but it's just the starting point.

7 Tax Pitfalls Financial Advisors Should Avoid This Season

Some financial advisors may be tempted to wash their hands of taxes and leave them to the accountants. But that approach doesn’t ensure the best outcome for their clients. Great financial advisors know that, while the calendar has turned over on 2022, there is still work to be done before it is left behind. And that work is around taxes.

Tech in the Financial Planning World with Adam Holt

Tech is pervasive and ever changing, but the Advisor's role in a client's life is still integral.

You did a Roth conversion for how much!?!

Steven and his guest Larry Sprung go big sharing the largest Roth conversions they've seen.

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