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Tax Preparer and CFP with Jason Speciner

Jason Speciner will discuss the shift in his practice that he has seen since bringing tax preparation in-house and the hurdles he and his team have faced along the way.

Tax Planning for Business Owners (Part 2) With Jamie Shilanski, CFP

Jamie Shilanski, CFP, will be sharing her experience working with CPAs and how she has created the ultimate tax planning strategy for her clients.

The Tax Planning Process Every Advisor Can Implement

The default approach to tax preparation does little to ensure tax planning, and with it tax savings, are actually happening. This creates a huge opportunity for financial advisors who are willing to be proactive.

Tax Planning for Business Owners (Part 1) With Jamie Shilanski, CFP

What to be aware of when it comes to taxes as a business owner because a one-size-fits-all approach never works.

Advisors’ Most Asked Questions on Working With Tax Professionals

Bringing on another professional to assist in planning can be daunting, but it can add value for clients.

Communicating with the IRS with Micah Shilanski, CFP

What to do if your client receives a letter from the IRS.

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