Forum announcement

Transitioning to a More Accessible Forum Platform!


We’re Evolving Our Communication Channels!


We’ve noticed a growing preference among our members for platforms that offer seamless, on-the-go access. You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened!  To better serve your needs and facilitate even more engaging discussions, we will begin transitioning our members’ forum to a private room on LinkedIn, a platform where many of you already spend your professional online time.


In anticipation of the move, our current forum in the member site will be inaccessible starting on Friday, March 29th. 


We understand that transitions require adjustment, so we’re committed to making this move as smooth and beneficial for you as possible.  We will begin the migration process after the busy tax season allowing us to dedicate the necessary attention to ensure a seamless transition.


If during this transition time you have questions, just shoot us an email at, and we will get you an answer!


Happy Tax Planning!
Your RTS Team