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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode
  • As a financial advisor, do not approach CPAs at public events with a sales pitch. They’re not likely to sign with someone they do not know personally.
  • Build relationships with the CPAs in your niche by booking an appointment with them and paying for an hour of their time. Explain to them that your clients are looking for CPA referrals from you and you would like to use that time to see if you would be a good fit for them. Make sure to specify that this is not a guarantee of client recommendations from you.
  • Have a list of questions prepared that you can ask them to see if they are indeed a good fit. Do a thorough research on the CPA before the meeting.
  • Let the CPA be in control of the meeting by letting them know that you’d answer any questions they might have before you start asking yours.
  • After you’re done asking questions, use the last few minutes to explain the process of how you or your firm does business.
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