RTS #031 Happy New Year! Is tax planning on your 2024 to do’s?

The book just closed on 2023, but we’ve been working on 2024 for a while now and are so excited to share what you can expect from the whole Retirement Tax Services team this year.
You will, of course, keep getting this Friday email newsletter full of relevant tax stuff that you can use to deliver value to your clients through tax planning. As you’ve come to expect, these emails will be heavy on the practical application and real-life examples, not a regurgitation of the tax code. And even better, we pull these from our own real experiences from working with clients on long term planning and from experiences collaborating with tax focused financial planners, that’s how we know it’s relevant.

A high point of 2024 will definitely be the 2024 RTS Tax Planning Summit, September 25-27th in Phoenix, Arizona. We are already deep in the planning for this event and will release details on the agenda as the year progresses, but we are already confident this is going to take last year’s inaugural event and make it even better! Early bird registration just opened, so save your spot and join us in Phoenix.

If you don’t already (and thousands do), subscribe to the Retirement Tax Services Podcast so you can learn from Steven Jarvis, CPA, and the incredible line up of guests he brings on every single week. With a combination of financial advisors sharing their best practices and tax professionals sharing planning and technical expertise, this is a great resource to add to your rotation.

Tax planning is a hot topic, so there will also be more and more chances to see Steven speak at industry events all over the country. We’ll update you as dates are finalized, but he is excited for the opportunity to meet so many advisors committed to tax planning and share his expertise to help the industry keep leveling up on tax planning.

Don’t worry; there will be virtual events throughout the year as well. Watch your inbox for more info on a special event next week on January 11th at 10 am PST (we are kicking the year off with a bang!).

We’ve received such great feedback on our first Masterclass, all about Backdoor Roth Contributions, that we’ve committed to doing more courses. These will be available to our RTS members as a benefit of membership and available a la carte as well for Advisors looking for targeted learning.

And speaking of our members, we are making some fantastic improvements to our monthly tax planning content that is exclusively for RTS Essentials and Premiere members. To make the information we share even more actionable, every month, we will have a desktop guide or tool that goes along with the topic of that month’s newsletter to make this even easier to put into practice. You can expect those to come out on the last Tuesday of every month, so mark your calendar.

What can you do about it?

Anything worth doing is worth putting on your calendar. Block specific times each month for tax planning (whether you are using RTS resources or some of the other great resources out there, it has to go on the calendar). On top of blocking regular time for tax planning, get those key dates on the calendar now, like September 25-27, for the RTS Summit, and if you’re already an RTS Member, mark the last Tuesday of every month.

Here’s to 2024 being an incredibly impactful year for you and the clients you serve.

Happy Tax Planning!

About The Newsletter

The tax code is 80,000+ pages and Google has 875,000,000 results when you search “Tax Planning”, so each week we are going to help you wade through all of that noise and get to the Relevant Tax Stuff.