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RTS Essentials Membership:

The answer to “how do advisors deliver more value through tax planning?”
Exclusively for Financial Advisors, a resource that will level up your ability to crush tax planning for your clients.

We only recommend what we know works in practice. This is a collaboration between CPAs and Financial Advisors to ensure accuracy AND effectiveness in practice. RTS was created exclusively to solve problems faced by Financial Advisors in delivering value through tax planning. Everything we do is through that lens.

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RTS Essentials Membership

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May 04, 2022

Here is what RTS Essentials Membership will mean for you

What and How on relevant tax topics

  • Newsletters with scripts, samples, sources and stories from Financial Advisors in the trenches
  • Checklists on specific tax topics so you have an action plan and a succinct reference guide
  • Topics driven by RTS members. Our priority is value to our clients, the Financial Advisors who are RTS Members

Exclusive Access to Financial Advisor Focused Tax Team

  • Online forum to collaborate with advisors committed to tax planning, moderated by the RTS Tax Team
  • Member only webinars and on-demand recordings of all RTS webinars
  • NEW – Instructional videos from the RTS Tax Team reviewing REAL client tax returns

Content you can use with your clients

  • NEW – Quarterly white label value adds
  • NEW – Ability to submit a client tax return for review by the RTS Tax Team once per quarter. You will get insight on that client and add to our library of instructional videos so you can learn from our approach as you review other client tax returns
  • Our content is meant to be used! Our team is uploading word versions of scripts and templates and can provide them in any format that will make it easier for you to implement, just ask

RTS Essentials Membership is NOT right for you if you are a Financial Advisor who:

  • Is comfortable where you are at in life
  • Believes that clients are “satisfied” with the services they are already receiving and don’t need more from you as a Financial Advisor
  • Believes taxes do not play an important role in their clients' lives and that nothing can be done to change the impact of taxes over a client's lifetime
  • Already works in perfect harmony with the other financial professionals in their clients' lives and constantly receives referrals from CPAs and other centers of influence
  • Is not committed to professional development. RTS is all about taking action, not sharing knowledge for knowledge's sake. If you do not plan to elevate the tax planning value you deliver to your clients, this isn't for you. We want Financial Advisors who are ready to grow and want to surround themselves with other Advisors doing the same thing

"If all it took were knowledge, we’d all be billionaire with six-pack abs” Everything we do at RTS is focused on how you, as the Financial Advisor, take action to deliver more value to your clients through tax planning. We provide action-oriented checklists and tools, we don't write dissertations. We offer strategies that work in practice by real Financial Advisors, not theories we want you to test out.

The information on this site is for education only and should not be considered tax advice. Retirement Tax Services is not affiliated with Shilanski & Associates, Jarvis Financial Services or any other financial services firms.

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