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Are you trying to learn how to deliver massive tax value to your clients? Then look no further. Retirement Tax Services Podcast, Financial Professional’s Edition is a show hosted by Steven Jarvis, CPA. Steven aims to bridge the gap between tax professionals, financial advisors and their mutual clients in their quest for reducing tax expenses in retirement.

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THIS WEEK’S PODCASTTales from Tax Season – Withholdings and Losses

How to have conversations with your clients to ensure everyone is feeling confident and happy around tax season. ...Read More

May 02, 2022

Tax Mistakes and Resources to Fix Them

How to ensure you are providing rock-star level value to clients through offering appropriate and strategic tax planning.

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Apr 25, 2022

Tax Mistakes

How you can improve the relationship between Tax Planner and Advisor (regardless of which title you fall under).

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Apr 18, 2022

Getting to ‘Why’ and Asking Great Questions

The value in setting up a legacy plan for your clients and how to collaborate with others to ensure the best outcome.

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